About Beacon Homeopathy

Individualized and Confidential


Initial consultations last approximately 2 hours for adults. Children’s consultations last between an hour to an hour and a half. We’ll talk about your concerns and your health history in depth. After the consultation I’ll study your case and do some research to find a homeopathic remedy for you. I’ll send the remedy information via email including instructions for taking it.  


Following up after the initial consultation: Once you get started with a homeopathic remedy it’s important to keep in touch with any questions or concerns and to meet for a follow up appointment between 3-6 weeks. During the follow up appointment we will review your symptoms and discuss any changes since starting with the remedy. Our follow ups help to determine whether the remedy has stimulated a healing response and there is continuous improvement. This process is individualized.


If you have a chronic illness that’s been present for many years it may take some time for a complete response to a remedy. I recommend committing to working with a homeopath for at least the initial consult plus two follow ups to assess benefit from homeopathy and discover if working with the individual practitioner is right for you.

Acute consultations are discussions via phone and email and the fee includes all contact for the length of the specific problem (ie stomach bug, sore throat, injury, earache). For an acute problem the homeopath wants to know a lot of details about what’s happening. Example: Because homeopathy is individualized ten people with the flu might need ten different remedies based on their unique collection of symptoms. Three kids with an earache might need three different remedies.

If the acute case is complicated it may make sense to have a longer consultation. We would discuss this as we work together so there are no surprise fees.


*Note- It is important to maintain contact with your primary physician to monitor your health and in case of emergency. I do not give conventional medical advice.